For foreigners

Thank you for your interest in HiA.

This site is a pay site with an annual billing system.
Since payment is made by credit card, even credit cards issued overseas can be used if payment can be made by the credit card agency (Stripe) contracted by us.
Once registered, it will be automatically renewed and convenient for the next year without having to register again.

The amount is JPY 3,960 (one year).

However, depending on your country’s tax system and bank regulations, the following three types of fees may be charged separately and displayed on your statement of use.

1. Bank exchange fee
If Stripe does not support your country’s currency, the country will convert the payment to your local currency and will charge you an additional fee.

2. Forex fees
If your bank is a non-Japanese bank, you will be charged an additional fee. Actual fees vary from bank to bank.

3. Other bank fees
If you accept payment with SEPA Direct Debit, your account will be charged an additional fee and may appear as a separate item on your statement. Actual fees vary from bank to bank.

Next, this site is basically created for Japanese people living in Japan.
The basic language of the site and email is Japanese.

However, for sites, clicking the Translate flag in the footer of every page will automatically translate them instantly.

For e-mail, please copy and paste it to a WEB translation service.

If you accept the above fees and terms of use, please apply.
The procedure for applying for HIMMELI ARKISTO as follows.

[Temporary member (free)]

(7-day trial)

[Main member (paid)]

When each registration is completed, an email will be sent automatically.
In the text, there is the following English sentence.

[* If you are a foreigner, please register as a main member from the URL below.]

The URL below this text is the English version of the main membership registration form.
If you are a foreigner, please click this form to complete the procedure.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
info ★ (Please change ★ to @ and send)